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ZipTy Racing Quick Disconnect Fuel Filter Review

Keeping your dirt bike's fuel injectors clean is important in today fuel injected dirt bikes. With the muddy, dusty, and sandy conditions we ride our dirt bikes in its just a matter of time before our fuel is contaminated with dirt particles. Here at Usdualsports we decided to add the Zip Ty Racing Quick Connect Fuel Filter to take an extra step in ensuring that our KTM 6-Day project bike didn't break down due to a clogged injector or clogged fuel filter.


Installation of the Zip Ty Racing Fuel Filter is pretty much plug and play. You simply remove the male side of your fuel line quick connect and install the Zip Ty Fuel Filter. The inlet side of the Zip Ty filter is a quick connection that has a built in factory filter that plugs into the stock female fitting as seen in above picture.
Tip-We opted to use our own traditional style hose clamp to create a tight seal without special tools and makes trail maintenance possible.

How It Works

The Zip Ty Racing fuel filter works the same as your stock fuel filter in that it keeps debris from clogging your dirt bike's injectors. Where it sets itself apart is with the 10-14 micron easy to clean metal filter vs the 20-micron stock throw away style filter. Also keep in mind the fuel filter still incorporates your stock 20-micron fuel filter - providing double layer protection. Last but not least cleaning this fuel filter is as simple as taking it apart and using compressed air to blow filter clean.

Added Benefits

The added benefits you gain by installing the Zip Ty racing fuel filter are:
  1. 10-micron filter vs 20 micron stock filter
  2. Easy to clean metal filter
  3. Stock fuel filter is still used. "See Video @ 1:28"
  4. Allows trail side stock fuel filter removal and still protects injectors.
  5. Adds bling to your bike.


If you're looking to do less maintenance on your dirt bike, then the Zip Ty Racing Fuel Filter is a great way to keep particles from clogging your dirt bikes injectors.  The metal filter is larger than your stock filter and made from metal allowing you to clean it and reuse multiple times.
More information at

Zip Ty Racing Quick Connect KTM fuel filter

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