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Standard VS Heavy Duty VS Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes

Which is better standard dirt bike tube, heavy duty dirt bike tube, or ultra heavy duty dirt bike tube? Well like many things in dirt bike riding it comes down to your riding style and terrain. Personally I use heavy duty tubes and have had little to no issues. Before you make your choice make sure you read or post on Tube VS Bib Mousse.

Standard Tube Breakdown 
Standard dirt bike tubes are stock on most dirt bikes. Personally I would take them out and put in a set of heavy duty tubes. If you're riding in the back yard close to home, terrain with out rocks, or a tire pressure above 20 a standard tube might suite you well if not upgrade to a heavy duty. [More Info]

Heavy Duty Tube Breakdown
If you're riding with a tire pressure near 13 PSI, terrain that has rocks roots and other objects that can cause a pinch flat then upgrade to a heavy duty dirt bike tube. This is my personal choice and have had very little issue with pinch flats. If I wasn't superstitious I would let you know I have never had a pinch flat, but I'm scared of getting one.  [More Info]

Ultra Heavy Duty Breakdown
Ultra heavy duty dirt bike tubes give you more protection from pinch flats over a standard or heavy duty tubes the only issue I have ran into is they make mounting a dirt bike tire more difficult. If you have someone else mount your tires then go for it. Another reason you might want to upgrade to Ultra heavy duty is if you like to run 8-10 PSI or riding in very sharp rocky terrain. [More Info]

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