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Dirt Bike Bib Mousse VS Tube

Question of the day which is better in your dirt bike Bib Mousse or standard tube. Here are a few questions to help you figure out which is best for you.

1. How many flats have you had in the past year?

1-2 If your using standard dirt bike tubes try using a heavy duty tube.
3 Try increasing your tire pressure to 13psi first. If you're already at that PSI I would get a Mousse
4-More Get a Bib Mousse and don't worry about flats again.

2. What kind of terrain do you ride?

Soft Sand- Stick with a heavy duty tube.
Muddy, Roots, Some Rocks- Stick with a heavy duty tube at 13 PSI or greater
Really Sharp Rocky- Get a Bib Mouse.

3. Can you afford a flat?

Riding a Dual Sport and have time to fix a flat- Stick with Heavy Duty tube and carry an extra.
Play riding near the car - Stick with Heavy Duty tube.
Racing for money- Get a Bib Mousse and don't worry about a DNF.
Long rides deep in wood and can't carry extra tube - Get a Bib Mousse.

4. What's your budget?

Standard Tube - $15
Bib Mousse - $110

There are many factors that go into if you should use a Bib Mousse or a standard dirt bike tube. I personally use tubes but I have very few flats, run 13PSI, and carry an extra tube on long 120 mile + Dual Sport rides. If you answered the questions and decided to get a Bib Mousse below are the best prices we could find at the leading online store.

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RockyMountainMC-Best Price
Amazon-Best Price

Find out if you really need a Bib Mousse.

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