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Extreme Max Dirt Bike Ramp Review

Loading and unloading a dirt bike in the bed of a truck is not easy if you don't have the right dirt bike ramp. As I am sure you have also seen, there are a number of creative ways to load and unload your bike into the bed of a truck.  Some choose to ride the bike up a single board, others "push" the bike up while stepping on a crate.  I typically use two ramps, one for the bike and one for me.  All of these methods become even more challenging when you add a bit of rain or mud.  Of the three methods, the two ramp system usually proves to be the safest.  Loading this way allows you to stay at the same height as the bike, and you have more control over the bike. The downside is trying to find room to store both ramps somewhere in the back of your truck (which is already tight on space). Extreme Max Products offers a two-ramp system called the RampXtender that also serves as a truck bed extender. When folded out the ramps are 8 feet in length, and have a slight arch that makes pushing a bike up by hand easy. The major advantage is you don't have to allocate any storage space in the bed of your truck when stowing the ramps.  Instead, you actually gain some additional usable space. The 2 ramps join together to make a bed extender that is very securely held in place by a series of 4 straps. One set of straps hooks into your tail gate lock pins, and the other set attaches to the lock pin receiver. Once attached, the straps do a nice job with securing and stabilizing the bed extension unit. 

The RampXtender is an easy to use system that retails for around $399. This is a reasonable price when you consider your getting a set of ramps, and a bed extender. Check out or more information, and to find a set of your own. 

Update: After using these ramps for some time now we have noticed that they do rub the top of the tail gate causing scratches on the plastic. Keep this in mind if you have a new truck. A simple towel under the ramp while loading and unloading with cure this issue. 

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

Extreme Max RampXtender best way to load a dirt bike period.

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