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XMartO Security Camera Review

XmartO Security Camera Reveiw
In 2015 over 45,000 motorcycles and dirt bikes were stolen, so securing your motorcycle and dirt bike should be a high priority. Most riders have well over $8000 into their dirt bike and over $1500 in gear which makes our sport a high theft target.
In most cases dirt bike thief's are looking for an easy target with little chance of getting caught. Therefore adding a security camera system like the XMartO Wireless Security System is an easy way to make your house a hard target, and keep your dirt bikes or motorcycle safe. Keep in mind if a thief wants to break into your house they're going to get in, but adding a security camera can help protect you from the random break in, and allow you to give more information to the police like pictures of the thieves and the cars they used along with licenses plates to help recover your items. The more time you give a thief the farther away your stolen items will get and the harder it is to recover.
In this review of the XMartO's security camera system we will take about the key points along with some Q&A.


Installing the XMartO security camera system was plug and play. You simply plug the NRV into your TV and router. Then mount the cameras in desired locations, plug them into a power supply, and the XMartO NVR locates the wireless cameras. All in all this was easier then I expected and took a total of about 2 hours to mount all the cameras and have the system up and running.


Operating the XMartO Security Camera system is as easy as using a computer. You simply plug an HDMI cord into your TV and it shows the 4-8 cameras that you have. From this screen you can switch the following options using a provided mouse or adding a cordless mouse.
    1. View all or individual cameras.
    2. Zoom In.
    3. Set Up Camera Order
    4. Switch Cameras To Only Turn On When Motion Is Detected
    5. Have system email you when motion is detected.
    6. Conduct video playback..
    7. Adjust camera brightness and contrast.
    8. Plus multiple settings that are over my head
Being able to view your security cameras from wherever whenever is the key to keeping your dirt bikes and motorcycles safe. The XMartO system allows you to view your cameras fromyour TV, smart phone, and computer once it is connected to your home's WiFi using a cable. The easiest viewing is on TV. All you have to do is hook up an HDMI cable from the camera NVR to your TV and its complete. Viewing from your mobile phone requires you to download the app XMARTO Wallpixel and then simply log in and enter your device code. Viewing from your computer is as simple as typing in the IP address the XMartO security systems is using. All viewing methods take under 10 minutes each to set up.

Smart Phone Viewing

The easiest way to view the XMartO Wireless Security Camera System is by using our Iphone or smart phone. The app is very easy to use and it allows you to rewind video footage, save images and video clips to your smart phone with the touch of one button. You can also zoom in to see items like a license plate or better view of a person at your house. To keep it simple the App is top notch and easy to use.


In conclusion, keeping your dirt bikes and motorcycles safe is a growing concern among riders.  We could go on forever with the capabilities and uses for this system, so to keep it short and simple at the cost of less then a high end helmet you can not only keep an eye on your dirt bikes, but also on your family's valuables. Having the system alone can make an intruder pick a different house due to the fact they know they are on camera.


. How long did it take to install the 8 camera XMart O system?
A. Once all the wiring was in place it took around 2 hours to mount all 8 cameras and set up all 3 viewing devices TV, iPhone (or other smart phone), and computer.
Q. How good is the quality of picture on theses cameras?
A. The best viewing quality is from your home TV through an HDMI cable. The app is good quality just smaller screen.
Q. Does the XMartO system come with a DVR for video play back?
A. This system comes with the capability to view cameras and video playback, but some units require you to install a hard drive like the WB  Blue 1TB for video play back - very easy to install; plug and play.
Q. How many days of recording will the 1TB hard drive hold?
A. With 8 cameras expect around 15 days of recordings.
Q. Do these cameras have night vision?
A. Yes they have night vision and XMartO just released their Color Night Vision camera.
Q. Does the XMartO system have a Smart phone app?
A. Yes you can choose from the following. XMartO Wallpixel or Eseenet+. We recommend the XmartO WallPixel
Q. How far can the wireless cameras be from the main NVR box?
A. Depending on how many and what type of walls the signals has to pass through. Expect to get about 200 FT with obstacles and over 1000 FT in open space. We have a camera set up at over 60 FT with 3 walls of separation and no issues and almost full signal.
Q. Are the XMarto cameras totally wireless?
A. You will need to power each camera, but the video feed from camera to the NVR is wireless.
Q. Can I set up a cell phone alert for motion on a camera?
A. Yes you can set this system to alert your cell phone or email.
Q. Can I zoom in on a camera?
A. You can zoom in on the picture on both your TV and smart phone.
Q. What if I want to set up a camera more then 200 feet with obstacles?
A. You can upgrade your NVR's antennas to increase the distance of your cameras. [More Info]
Q. Can I use this system without internet?
A. Yes but viewing is limited to the TV the NVR box is connected to. You need internet to view from computer or smart phone.
Q. Are XMartO cameras water proof and able to be used outdoors?
A. Yes they are water proof and suitable for outdoor use.

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