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Flo Motorsports 2.0 Foot Pegs Review

The easiest way to increase control of your dirt bike is to improve your stability on the bike with larger foot pegs. Recently Usdualsports had the opportunity to use Flo Motorsports 2.0 Pro Series Foot Pegs on our KTM XCW-F 6 Day project.

Q. How much wider are the Flo Motorsports foot pegs over stock KTM foot pegs?
A. Stock OEM KTM foot pegs are 47mm Flo Motorsports foot pegs are 57mm. That's a 10mm larger platform or 20% increase in size.

Q. Did Usdualsports feel a difference in wider foot pegs?
A. Yes with a size 12 foot the larger foot pegs were noticeable right away. They made braking easier along with balance on the bike in standing positon.  

Q. Are the Flo foot pegs longer then OEM pegs?
A. They are the same length as OEM foot pegs, so no worry about them dragging in the rut. 

Q. What material are the Flo Motorsports foot pegs?
A. They are made from light weight 7075 T6 Aluminum Alloy. 

Q. Are the foot peg cleats replaceable?
A. Yes they are removable and replaceable. 

Q. Do these foot pegs tear up the soles of your boots?
A. The rounded edge of the Flo Motorsports foot peg cleats provide good grip without tearing up your boot soles. 

Q. What colors do the Flo foot pegs come in?
A. KTM-Orange, Black, Blue
     Kawasaki-Black, Blue, Green, Pink
     Honda- Red, Black, Pink, Blue
     Yamaha- Blue, Black, 
     Husqvarna- Blue, Black, Orange, 
     Suzuki- Black, Red

Q. Do Flo foot pegs fit mini bikes?
A. Yes Flo makes larger foot pegs for mini bikes. 

Q. Do they hold mud?
A. One of the days we tested the Flo foot pegs was about as muddy as you can get here in Indiana, and we never had any issues with mud build up.

Q. Does Usdualsports recommend Flo Motorsports Foot Pegs?
A. We do recommend the Flo foot pegs. They are well designed, durable and good looking. 

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Blue ktm foot pegs

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