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Black Widow Motorcycle Tie Down Rack Review

Black Widow Tie Down1
Securing your dirt bike into the bed of your truck is pretty straight forward. Where the difficulty comes into play is where to attach the straps when you have 2 or even 3 dirt bikes in the bed of your truck. Most trucks have a ring in all 4 lower corners of the bed which makes for a good tie down situation for one bike, but with two bikes you're placing straps through or over wheels. Here at Usdualsports we like to make life easier therefore we chose to add the Black Widow Motorcycle Tie Down Rack to our Chevy.


Installing the motorcycle tie down rack was easier than I first expected. I was planning for lots of frustration due to the the amount of space between the bed and cab of the truck, but with a few tricks we learned during the install it turned out to mount pretty easy. I simply positioned the rack where I wanted it then marked and drilled the middle hole. After that I bolted up the middle hold leaving it loose enough to swivel the rack up and down to mark and drill the 2 end holes. If you don't want to drill holes in your truck bed make sure you check out their No Bolt, No Drill Motorcycle Wheel Chock. In all there was a total of about 45 minutes of work to complete the project.
Tip- Attach a small string or fishing line to the wrench you are using on the backside of the truck bed so when you drop it (and you will) its easy to retrieve.

3-rd BikeBlack Widow Motorcycle Tie Down

The Black Widow motorcycle tie down rack has an easy to install and remove 3rd bike extension. This mean you no longer have to use a milk crate or bucket to push the 3rd bike back far enough to keep handle bars from touching. Unfortunately, the accountants here at Usdualsports (aka my beautiful and most perfect wife) wouldn't allow us to buy another bike to test this feature, but with our years of experience we know it will work and I can now use the milk crate for storing oils and lubes.


The Black Widow Motorcycle Tie Down Rack is simple in design yet very useful. Not only does it give you a designated spot to firmly secure your dirt bike wheels, but it also brings the tie down points higher making it easier to cinch down your bike. The spacing of the bikes allows you to still get a gas can in the corner and the handle bars won't touch. If you have been looking for a good way to ensure your bike is staying in place while traveling down the road check out the Black Widow Motorcycle Tie Down.


Q. Do you have to remove your truck bed to install the Black Widow motorcycle tie down rack?
A. No. It's easily installed with the bed on the truck.
Q. What if I want to install it into my trailer - will it work?
A. It will work as long as you have a good anchoring point to attach it to. The design allows for length adjustment so accommodating a 6.5 or 8 foot wide trailer shouldn't be an issue. Once again I would make sure you have a good anchoring point.
Q. How many total holes do you have to drill into your truck bed?
A. 3 total holes.
Black Widow Motorcycle Tie Down1
Black Widow Motorcycle Tie Down2

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