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Pro-Action Dirt Bike Suspension Upgrade

The most recent upgrade to my dirt bike was by far the most noticeable.  I sent my suspension out to Pro-Action in Pennsylvania to receive a upgrade. The factory suspension on my bike was set up for a wide range of riders, and a variety of terrains. I wanted to tweak the suspension to suit my specifics style.  I aimed to set up my suspension for my weight, riding ability, and the type of terrain I ride most. When I talked to the owner of Pro-Action, George, about the issues I was experiencing, he explained how they would give my suspension "the works".  This would include replacing the 2 stage factory valve system with their exclusive incrementally pressure sensitive self-adjusting 3 stage valves, and also replacement of the spring, seals, and oil weight to fit me.

After a very quick turn around I got the bike all put back together.  Unfortunately (and much to my disappointment),  a medical issue has delayed me from riding my bike for the next several weeks.  But, nonetheless I'm not going to let this keep me from knowing if the money invested is going to be worth it.  So, I gave my riding buddies a call and they were more than eager to try out my bike for me.

After about an hour in the woods my "crash test dummy" is heading back to the truck with his thumb in the air, and shaking his head yes. Then right on by me he went back into the woods. The biggest change he noticed was how the bike just ate up any obstacle you threw at it. Several different people tried out the new suspension.  Everyone that rode it was amazed on how the rear tire didn't bounce around and was able to hold traction at all times. The two quotes that stood out the most during the test were "All I had to do was point the front tire in a direction and the bike went" and "I could win a lot of races with that set up."

Although I didn't personally get a chance to ride the bike yet, I did get very positive feedback from several Class A riders, with more years of riding experience then my own age. If you are like me, and have always thought about having your suspension set up to your specifications take a look at Pro-Action. I know the first thing I will do after purchasing a new bike is remove the suspension, and have it set up to my specifications.

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