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Torc1 Racing Reaction Shift Lever Review

Upgrading your dirt bikes shift lever normally is something you do after you bend or brake your OEM shift lever. Here at Usdualsports we like to get ahead of issues out on the trail so upgrading before having an issue is what we did with the Torc1 Racing Reaction shift lever and Brake Pedal on our 6-Day Project.

The best part is not only do you get a more durable shift lever but let's face it the look of the Torc1 Racing shift lever really changes the look of your dirt bike with its orange anodized tip and black shaft. We will stick to our Q&A format so if you have any questions comment below or email us and we will get your question answered.

Q. Does the Torc1 Racing shift lever come with everything needed to replace OEM lever?
A. Yes it comes with everything you will need minus tools.

Q. What is the Tor1 Racing Reaction shift lever made from?
A. It is forged from 6061 Billet aluminum.

Q. Is the shift lever tip bendable?
A. Yes the shift lever tip will bend when under load like when hitting a rock, laying the bike over, or a crash.

Q. If I brake the tip is it replaceable or do I have to buy a whole new lever?
A. The tip on the Torc1 Racing shift lever is replaceable at $8.

Q. Can I change the color of my shift lever to better match the look of my dirt bike?
A. Yes you can choose from 6 different color to better match your bikes look. Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, and Yellow.

Q. Is the tip of the Torc1 shift lever longer or shorter then OEM?
A. The tip of the Torc1 Racing shift lever is adjustable with 5mm tip extensions. Each lever comes with 2 extensions or 10mm or extension.

Q. Can I adjust the height of the Torc1 shift lever like my OEM shift lever?
A. Yes the Torc1 shift lever height is adjustable like the OEM shift lever

Q.What's the biggest advantage of the Torc1 Racing shift lever over OEM?
A. The look of the shift lever is hight, but being able to replace the tip of the shift lever is a the biggest advantage.

Q. What is the difference in price between Torc1 Racing shift lever and OEM?
A. Torc1 is priced at $44.99 and OEM is $65.99. So you save $21.

Q. Does Usdualsports recommend the Torc1 Racing Reaction shift lever?
A. Yes we recommend upgrading or replacing your your shift lever with a Torc1 lever. The OEM levers do great, but adding a little bling to your dirt bike never hurts.
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