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SKF Mud Scraper Review

SKF Dirt Bike Mud Scrapper
Preventing mud and dirt from entering your dirt bike fork seals is key to keeping them from leaking and getting dirt into your bushings. If you have ridden dirt bikes long enough you know how heart breaking it is to see a puddle of fork oil on your garage floor. What we have done here at Usdualsports is installed the SKF Mud Scrapers, which keep your fork tubes mud free by scraping the mud off during the compression stroke of your dirt bike's suspension.


Installation of the SKF Mud Scrapers was super easy. You simply remove the stock black plastic wear ring and replace it with the SKF Mud Scraper. In total it took us around 15-20 minutes to install both - including removing the motorcycle's tire and forks. If you wanted to cut both stock wear rings off, installation time could get cut in half and wouldn't require removal of forks. Once the stock wear rings are removed you simply install the SKF Mud Scrapers by wrapping them around the fork tube groove and installing a provided cotter pin to hold the scraper in place.


If you don't like changing your fork seals, then preventing mud from entering your dirt bike fork seals is key. The SKF Mud Scrapers are easy to install and remove dirt and grime off your lower fork tubes. At under $40 this product is a must have due to its durability, ease of installation, and the fact that no one wants to spend valuable time dealing with leaky fork seals.
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Q & A

Q. Do you have to remove fork to install the SKF Mud Scrapers?
A. You do not have to remove your forks. We used a flat tip screw driver to cut a line in our stock black plastic wear rings.
Q. How much extra drag do the Mud Scrapers cause?
A. We didn't notice any extra drag on when using the Mud Scrapers.
Q. Does the kit come with 1 or 2 scrapers?
A. The kit came with 2 scrapers and cotter pins.
Q. How can I get extra cotter pins for the Mud Scrapers?
A. The Mud Scraper kits come with 8 extra cotter pins but you can also purchase more HERE.


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