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Dango GoPro Gripper Mount Review

Finding the best spot to mount your GoPro is a constant struggle. The most popular spot is on top of your dirt bike helmet, but if it falls off you will never know. Here at Usdualsports our go to mounting position is under the visor "which blocks your line of site" until now. We recently found a cool product that makes mounting an action camera on your dirt bike helmets chin guard easy and requires no glue or screws called the Dango Design GoPro Gripper Mount.


We will keep this review short and sweet due to the fact that this product sells itself. If you're looking for a product that produces great camera angles, is easy to move, durable, and allows you to keep an eye on your GoPro or other action camera, then this product is for you! With dual axis movement almost any camera view point is possible, and the locking feature keeps your camera pointed in the desired location. Overall this is a great way to achieve different camera angles without gluing or screwing into your helmet. Keep in mind this product is not limited to helmet mounting, we have mounted it to our handlebars, front number plate and even a humming bird feeder (for the lady who's property we ride on). Below is our standard Q&A section. If you have a question of your own comment below or email us.


Q. How hard is it to mount your GoPro on your chin guard using the Dango Gripper Mount?
A. It's very easy you simply squeeze the mount and place it on your chin guard. Think of this mount like an over sized cloths pin.

Q. Can I change the camera direction for different views.
A. Yes the Gripper Mount allows you to change the camera direction by simply pushing down and turning on the camera to one of the 4 spots as seen in picture. You can also change the angle of the camera up and down using the GoPro finger bolt.

Q. Do you have to drill or glue the Gripper Mount to your helmet?
A. No it's just like a cloths pin in that it stays in place using a torsion spring.

Q. Does it scratch or tear your helmet?
A. No the area that attaches to your helmet is made from a soft gripping rubber.

Q. Can you keep an eye on your camera while riding?
A. Yes it's simple to keep your eye on the camera and the camera is not in your line of sight.

Q. Can you see the red light on the camera when its recording?
A. On the GoPro Hero 2 you can only hear the beeping noise. How ever you can see the light on the GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 4.
More info go to

Video Using Dango Gripper Mount

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