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Best Dirt Bike Powerwasher

Finding the best low pressure power washer for dirt bike cleaning is a constant search for me. The issue I run into is the higher pressure gas powered units offer benefits like portability but they also force water into seals and can remove graphics if you're not careful. To change things up a little here at Usdualsports we decided to try the GreenWorks 1500 psi Electric Power Washer to see if the low pressure would clean the bike in a decent amount of time and we wouldn't have to worry about graphics, gas, storage, and lugging around a big pressure washer.

First Thoughts

When we first received the Green Works 1500 PSI Pressure Washer we were amazed how compacted the unit was. To give you an idea of the size it will all fit into a 5 Gallon bucket so storing this unit in your trailer or camper is no problem at all. With a 20 foot hose and 30 foot electrical cord we were able to wash the dirt bike far enough from the house.

First Dirt Bike Wash

I was very amazed on the pressure of this unit and the cleaning ability. I also run a power washing company so I have a few larger units and this electric power washer exceeded my expectations.  It did take a little extra time to clean the bike, but I didn't have to worry about finding gas, the noise of a gas unit or blowing off my graphics "can you tell this drives me crazy to have to replace graphics".

Gas VS Electric

If you found this article and can't decide which is best for you use this guide for help.

Best Electric Pressure Washer $89.99-HERE

  • No gas needed
  • Low pressure
  • Very Portable
  • 0 Maintenance
  • Electricity Needed
  • Take Up More Space
Best Gas Pressure Washer $219.00-HERE

  • Higher Pressure
  • No electricity Needed
  • Have to have gas
  • Maintenance Required
  • Required More Storage Space
  • Higher Pressure Can Cause Damage
Finding the perfect pressure washer for your needs is always a catch 22. If you plan on using this unit for just washing your dirt bike and you have water and electricity close I would suggest picking up a Greenworks 1500 PSI Pressure Washer for $89. This unit is compact, easy to store, and is priced right. If you don't have access to electricity where you wash your bike or want to do bigger jobs with your pressure washer then you might look into a gas powered unit like THIS one at $219. Keep in mind the gas units may require more maintenance and extension cords are cheap if your power source for an electric powered unit is far away.

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